With headquarters in Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, San Francisco & everywhere in between, All Smiles Solutions strives to create a hassle & expense-free experience for each venue. Our mission is to expand your marketing & brand recognition, provide a memorable activity to your customers, and at the same time earn your business additional revenue from empty space, at no cost to you.


1) We deliver and install a complimentary photo booth to qualifying partners at no cost.


2) To offset our operation costs, we charge each customer a small fee per photo booth session. Customers happily provide their email addresses and choice of payment method (cash, credit card, Apple/Android Pay) in exchange printed photo strips and digital images and video animations of their session.

Repeat Customers

3) At the beginning of each month, we send you an updated CRM email marketing list to deliver highly targeted emails to them and create more loyal customers.

Brand Reach

4) Customers share their experience with their friends on social media, geotagging (‘checking in’) and hashtagging your brand. Simply put, they’re essentially marketing for you– and exponentially.

Additionally, All Smiles offers alternative leasing options, including paid leases and short term event rentals. Contact us today to discuss how to best suit your needs!


to fit your venue’s ambiance.
In addition to custom vinyl-wrapped photo booths, All Smiles Solutions provides custom printed and digital graphics, in addition to custom user interfaces.
  • Custom Vinyl-Wrapped Photo Booths
  • Custom Printed & Digital Photo Strips
  • Custom On-Screen Graphics

Real Customer Insights

Reliable Customer Data

In exchange for printed photo strips AND a digital copy of their photos, our booths collect customer submitted email addresses and/or phone numbers. Customers share their photos on social media with your venue’s branding, effectively increasing awareness, and marketing your club for you!

And best of all, YOU receive a monthly, highly targeted email/phone marketing list in addition to a generous profit share!

  • Target your actual customers directly
  • Encourage repeat customers
  • Boost brand awareness

Hassle Free

Cloud-Based Monitoring

Updates, data, and reporting are all done in real time. Printing, cash, credit, and data collection are 100% automated, so you and your employees can focus on what you do best.

Our knowledgeable maintenance team is professional, friendly, and well dressed.